How to plan your safari in Kenya ?

Image How to plan your safari in Kenya ?

Many people dream of seeing the majestic animals in their natural habitat rather than through TV reports or at zoos. Thanks to safaris, it is now possible and Kenya is a great destination for those who are on their first safari experience. However, it takes organization to prepare a successful safari. This article will give you some tips on how to organize a safari.

Plan a budget

Once there, you have two main choices available to you: live in spacious tents or rent lodges for the duration of your stay. In either case, it will cost you some money. To live in large tents, you should count up to $2,000 and you can easily double this price for the lodge option. Remember that this expense is added to your airfare and, if you wish, the price of a guide and / or a driver.

Details to be considered for a successful safari

Be sure to ask your guide the right questions before you leave, such as: ­

  • What is included in the safari? Go into detail, always ask for the detailed written program of your safari. Everything must be written: the number of hours of road or tracks and the number of hours of 'game drive', the number of meals, water and quantity per person per day, cultural activities if they are included. ­
  • Ask him a picture of the vehicle not just an example! Because there are all kinds of quality vehicles on the road. Make sure the vehicle will have spare tires, safety kit, shovel, chains or cables to be pulled in case.
  • Make sure to ask if it's a private or group tour and if it's a group, ask how many people will be in the vehicle. ­
  • For lodges or campsites, make sure they are in the Parks and not outside, this will save you long distances and the stress of having to go out in time to avoid costs. Thus, you will enjoy more the sunset and the light to take your last pictures. ­
  • Wait for beach boys or touts. They will try to sell you all sorts of things, by making friends with you, then it's very difficult to tell them no. So as well to say no when leaving, and especially to tell them that it's been several times that you come to Africa and you do not need anything. ­
  • Buy US money and make sure your greenbacks are dated 2006 and up, as some banks or tour operators may refuse money or offer you a lower exchange rate than normal.

Invite your friends

A safari is an exceptional experience and is even more enjoyable when shared with a group of friends. Call your friends and family and invite them to participate to this trip. You will be able to share the expenses but also the pleasure of the discovery. And to book, a long existing travel company like eDreams is there not only to help you with the reservation but also offers the best prices.

Now that you are ready to go to Kenya, equip your camera, confirm flights and hotels on eDreams and enjoy your trip to the fullest as it's the opportunity of a lifetime!